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3D drawing from existing drawings.

3D rendered images for sales literature, presentations, web site and brochures.

3D rendered walk through movie for web site and sales. Please have a look at some example 3D movies here.

Converting archive drawings paper or electronic format to 2D or 3D drawings.

3D from concept design to batch production.

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We work closely with our existing client base in the following fields:

Food Production and Preparation Industries.    

Industrial Ovens.   

Light to Medium Duty Steelwork Structures.       

Fire Escapes and Mezzanine Flooring Systems.


Oil and Gas Industries:                          Food and brewery industry;  Wedge wire mash flooring and filtration.

Vessel layout and PIDs.                          Architecture;   Wedge wire ventilation grilles and walk ways.

Tray and distribution internals.

Separation internals.

Reactor internals.


Ceramic Industry.

Heavy Clay Industry.

We work closely with independent mechanical engineers, local manufacturing and engineering companies, meaning we are able to liaise between our clients and the manufacturing sector.

Our clients can gain access to secure cloud storage facilities, allowing upload and down of information in confidence.

Sales General Arrangement Drawings.

General Arrangement Drawing.

Fabrication and Manufacturing Drawings.

Site Inspection of Finished Goods.

Site Measuring Services.

Site Measuring Services.